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Home of World's cutest Pomskies

Sydney Pomskies is an Australian, family owned, loving home to some of the most beautiful Pomsky dogs in the world. We focus on raising the healthiest and happiest pups possible.

Our focus on this breed is centred around a balanced temperament. For a small dog, Pomskies are very intelligent and love being part of the family because of their husky influence.

We would like to be clear on the following:

In the interest of protecting this breed our stud is a Klee Kai (toy huskie), this is done to ensure our breeding is done in the most ethical way possible. To protect both the mother and pups during the birth process, this also guarantees the dogs size, traits and health of our Pomskies. In the interests of the animal’s welfare this is what we take pride in, separating us from the rest.

Our little bubbies having a play